The Leaning Tower of Pisa Fridge magnet Italy travel souvenir

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The Leaning Tower of Pisa Fridge magnet Italy travel souvenir

Design based on photo by Saffron Blaze, license CC-BY-SA-3.0

Dimensions 3 x 2 inches (75x50 mm)

Our magnets are UV-resistant. We pay a lot of attention to this aspect. There are times when the magnets of other manufacturers fade in 2-3 years. Our magnets can be exposed to bright light and stay the same. We have been manufacturing magnets since 2007 and continuously improve them.

It's much easier to buy our magnets with world-famous sights than to look for them while traveling.

Our magnets are non-flexible. We often come across cheap simple magnets. This is not about our magnets. Out magnet is a complex product consisting of several layers. The magnet thickness is 1/10 inches (2.5 mm). Ideal for a refrigerator or a locker.

We regularly conduct quality assurance activities. Our magnet can hold up to 4 sheets of paper.

Our store has a few hundreds of magnets with sights from all over the world. We use only licensed pictures.

Our magnets are is a great gift or an option for collecting.

Keep fond memories of your travels alive with our refrigerator magnets.

We use only high quality materials. Control assurance at each stage of production. Vibrant realistic colors will make you and your friends happy for many years.